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The security bond of $5,000 applies to employers of migrant domestic workers (MDWs). Its purpose is to ensure that employers remain responsible for the upkeep and maintenance, ensures prompt salary payment as well as timely repatriation of the foreign domestic workers.

The security bond stands to be forfeited if the employer violates the Work Permit conditions. However, if the maid is found to have breached these conditions by her own behaviour, the employer will not be held liable. (example: maid getting pregnant, the security deposit will not be forfeited)

In cases whereby the maids absconds and as such, the employer is unable to repatriate her, only half of the security bond will be forfeited. This is provided that the employer has shown they have made reasonable efforts to locate her.

Even in the extreme case where the maid absconds and the employer is unable to repatriate her, only half of the security bond will be forfeited, so long as the employer has made reasonable efforts to locate the maid. The forfeited sum will then be used to cover the cost of repatriating the maid.

Yes, you can purchase an maid insurance policy which is a cheaper alternative.

You can choose between different policies which cover different areas of concern (example: runaway bond).

That being said, you may still be liable for the forfeiture of $5,000 (if you are not covered by your policy) should you fail to repatriate the maid for whatsoever reason as it is a requirement by the Law of Singapore.

Once your maid reaches Singapore, she is given 14 days to complete her medical examinations and be certified fit to work under Ministry of Manpower’s standards.

These medical checks are done to ensure that your maid is in good health, is not pregnant, has an acceptable blood pressure reading and have no viral diseases.

In addition, your maid is required to undergo half yearly medical screening to ensure that her health continues to meet MOM’s standards.

Inclusive in the 6 months medical checks for your migrant domestic worker (MDW) are:

  • Pregnancy and VDRL (every 6 months)
  • HIV (every 2 years)
  • TB (Once, upon 2 years of stay in Singapore)
  • (New) Checks on Body Mass Index (BMI) and visible signs of abuse.

All medical checks are to be done at, and submitted by clinics to MOM.

SIP is a one-day “Settling-In-Program” to orientate all first-time MDW (migrant domestic workers) to working and living in Singapore. They should attend SIP Within 3 days upon arrival, excluding Sunday and public holidays.

The SIP will consist of five modules, including: introduction to Singapore, conditions of employment, safety at home, safety in other areas, and relationship and stress management.

The SIP is conducted in your maid’s native language to maximise understanding and learning retention.

The employer will be responsible for all expenses of his/her migrant domestic worker (MDW). Employers are required to bear the full cost of the medical care, including hospitalization and are not allowed to pass this cost to their maids.

As medical occurrence and fees can be rather unpredictable, we would strongly advise employers to purchase a comprehensive coverage for their maids to ensure these costs are covered for. Always consider upgrading your insurance plan to get a higher medical coverage.

Written consent or MOM authorisation via QR code must be given to the agency to authorise them to assist with your transfer.

You must continue to pay the levy up to the day before the new Work Permit is issued. If the FDW medical was done five months ago, as her employer still, you are responsible to send the FDW for her 6-Monthly Medical Examination if required.

In the event that the MDW's transfer is unsuccessful and the Work Permit is cancelled or expires, the current employer must repatriate the worker within 14 days from the date of the Work Permit cancellation/expiry.

The worker is only allowed to start work with the new employer after the Work Permit has been issued in the new employer's name and any outstanding salary should be paid on the day you release her.

For the purpose of transfer, you will not need to pay anything to the maid agency unless you require the agency to provide food and accommodation for the interim.

Transfer maids are migrant domestic workers (MDWs) who are already in Singapore under the employment other employers and are seeking a new employer.

This usually occurs when the 2 years contract of the maid is expiring or anytime when an employer or helper chooses to terminate or discontinue the employment service for whatsoever reasons.

The standard migrant domestic worker’s (MDW) levy is $300 per month. (Daily: $9.87).

For additional migrant domestic worker(MDW), the levy is $450 per month. (Daily: $14.80)

The migrant domestic worker’s levy is to be paid by the domestic employers at the end of each month and should be done so only in the form of GIRO payments. If employers fail to maintain a valid GIRO account, the work permit of the maid will be cancelled.

For a first-time maid, the levy will begin on the day when the work permit is being issued.

Employers are given up to 17th day of the following month before the deduction is made. If the 17th is a non-working day, the deduction will be made on the next working day.

For employers who engage a maid to look after an elderly at least the age of 67, a person with disabilities, or a child under the age of 16, the subsidized levy is $60 per month. (Daily: $1.98)

*Please note levy concessions has a cap of 2 helpers per household.

Each levy for each helper is based on 1 eligible person in the household.

You can also waive your maid's (FDW)levy if she:

  • Is on overseas leave for at least 7 consecutive days, capped at 60 calendar days per calendar year.
  • Is on hospitalisation leave issued by Singapore hospitals, capped at 60 calendar days per calendar year.
  • Does not return to Singapore after overseas leave.
  • Is under police custody or is housed at the embassy.
  • Passed away.

Yes. You are eligible if:

  • you are a married woman and has been elected for separate assessment; or
  • you are married and your husband is not resident in Singapore; or
  • you are separated or divorced or widowed and living with your unmarried child for whom you can claim child relief.

6 Important Questions about Maid Insurance

The answer is YES: You need to buy medical and personal accident insurance for your helper.

This is by law in Singapore, and this insurance policy has to be in effect before your helper arrives in Singapore, as part of your medical obligations to her.

Likewise, if she is a transfer helper, the policy has to be purchased and in effect before she is deployed to your house to work.

Please note that as an employer, you must not pass on the cost of purchasing the insurance to your helper.

Employers need to purchase at least $60,000 per year for inpatient care and day surgery during your helper’s stay in Singapore.

As per MOM regulations, the PAI policy must have a sum assured of at least $60,000 per year.

This is because your helper is employed by you and they work and live in the same premise as your household, making it hard to determine whether any injury sustained while working was due to work-related activities or not.

Hence, this Personal Accident Insurance would cover her during her length of work with you.

And this Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) has to cover sudden, unforeseen and unexpected incidents resulting in permanent disability or death.

In addition, this Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) must not contain extra exclusion clauses that are not in the Employment of Foreign Manpower Regulations.

This insurance is extremely important to help you with expenses as an employer, and also to protect your helper and her family by providing a secured compensation if she suffers from any permanent disability or passes away as a result of an accident. (In this case: the compensation must be made payable to your maid or her beneficiaries.)

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, employers are highly encouraged to buy a higher insurance coverage for their helpers. This is to help employers alleviate unforeseen medical costs, if any, especially when hospitalisation costs could amount to quite a large bill.

MOM also strongly encourages employers to buy additional insurance coverage for greater protection against medical bills incurred by your helper, providing you greater peace of mind.

However, as an employer, you will know best which insurance plan is preferred, depending on your own budget and risk appetite.

Always check that the medical insurance you are about to purchase, covers the treatment and hospitalisation costs of Covid-19 should your helper need treatment due to Covid-19. Pay special attention to the features of the insurance plan, such as the exclusion clauses.

Yes. As an employer, you are fully responsible under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act for the cost of both inpatient and outpatient treatment.